DWQA QuestionsCategory: Work StressI have always been good at my work. I have done 2 part time jobs simultaneously before. But now, since this new boss has come, I'm not able to be focused on my work. I'm losing my confidence. She tortures, yells at all of us anytime, when according to her the work is incomplete, if there is some mistake in it. I literally gets terrified seeing her name on my phone. Please help me, to get out of this pain.
Pranita asked 2 years ago
1 Answers
Shruti.Thakur answered 2 years ago

Boss do have an impact on one’s work. But when the impact starts going in the negative way, you need to understand your place too. Firstly you need to calm yourself, by using simple relaxation techniques, like breathing exercises. Then, you could try to see at the other aspects of the job other than the boss. Do you really like your work, the work place, your colleagues? It would be better to focus on the other positive supporting aspects of your work. This will help you slowly get your confidence back. As you are mentioning that your boss yells at all of you, that means you are not the only target. You need to focus on your work, to keep it updated, to be on time. Certain things are out of your control, so you need to focus on aspects which you can control and change. This will help reduce your anxiety and build your confidence.