DWQA QuestionsCategory: AnxietyI have a habit of washing my hands very frequently. I tend to wash my hands immediately after I touch anything. I think my hands get dirty if I don’t wash them immediately. It looks very silly in public places, among my friends, but I can’t control my urge. Am I having some problem with my brain?
Yamini asked 2 years ago
1 Answers
Shruti.Thakur answered 2 years ago

It is possible that you may be having an anxiety problem of obsessive-compulsive disorder. In this problem, there are certain recurring thoughts, as for you, the dirt getting on you. These recurring thoughts turn into obsessions, which converts into doing certain things to reduce the anxiety of the obsessions. Doing the things become the compulsions, compulsory acts to do. For you, the washing of your hands. It would be better to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist to help yourself deal with this problem.